Aria is -A

Okay, so when you think of it, it would make so much sense. She is obviously far smarter than she seems (both parents and boyfriend being teachers, her dream is to be a writer which you have to be really smart and dedicated for), she is really creative (her style, the fact that she loves writing, photography, art, etc.), there a tons of little hints that may or may not be clues.
She always looks a mixture of scared and guilty when something bad happens, which would be reasonable emotions for -A to have.
She was the only one who stayed at the hospital with Ezra in 5x01 when all the other girls went to chase -A down, and she could’ve easily sent out a message to the -A Team since she obviously had her phone in hand the entire time.
She is really, really creative in so many other ways, so who’s to say she doesn’t love acting too? It would make sense.
Plus, she spent a year in Iceland, and come on, who really knows what happened there? She never talks about her experiences there, except that she was writing a good bit of the time, and she keeps most of her writing private and has never elaborated on screen as to even what genre she prefers.
There a quite a few parallels between PLL and older horror movies (the first one that comes to mind being the scene with Hanna in the motel shower being a parallel to the scene in Psycho). We ALL know who happens to adore B&W movies, right? Aria Montgomery.
These are only a few of my reasons for believing this. It is honestly true, that once you go to the “Aria is A” tag, there is no going back. ALL OF THIS happens to be coming from someone whose very favorite character on PLL has been Aria Montgomery from the very beginning, so this viewpoint isn’t to destroy her